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Delivering a 30% reduction in the cost of delay in 100 days

Delivering a 30% increase in productivity in 100 days

Delivering 30x ROI in 100 days

Using our Release ValveĀ® process

Using our Release Valve® Process Using our Release Valve® Process Using our Release Valve® Process See How

What can we help you solve?

Delivering Products to Market Faster

When developing a new product or service time is of the essence. Shortening the time it takes to develop and launch a product or service into the market is critical to gain a competitive edge, reduce costs and maximise its lifecycle.

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Accelerating Flow of Knowledge Work

By streamlining knowledge management processes, fostering open communication, and accelerating the flow of tacit knowledge, businesses can achieve operational excellence, optimise costs, and enhance resource utilisation.

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Accelerating Flow of Product

If you make products, productivity and output are critical. Increasing these enables you to produce more with the same or fewer resources, leading to improved efficiency and profitability.

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Our 4 Step Process

Release Valve®

Finding Flow

Where we understand the specific challenges in the organisation, identify interventions that can help work to flow and document them in a unique Releasing Flow Map.

Taming Turbulence

Where we implement the first changes on the Releasing Flow Map to improve the flow of work, overcoming and removing the biggest obstacles.

Accelerating Flow

Where we go further, faster by transferring ownership and capability to the people
in the organisation to understand the interventions and implement them on a broader scale.

Keeping Pace

Where we coach and support people in the organisation with specific challenges to help them overcome them and ensure that they are able to continuously improve workflow long after we have gone.

Experience and Case Studies

Impact so far

50 Average Net Promoter Score

20+ Number of Clients accelerated

30:1 Average client ROI

Our latest clients

They are not only consultants, but also mentors who care about the success of their clients. I highly recommend Project4 Learning Lab to anyone who wants to learn faster, achieve more and make a positive impact in their organisation.

Emma Cosgrove, Head of Business Process and Change